The golden standards for pet product & service quality excellence

In recent years, the population of pet owners has risen tremendously in Hong Kong.  Many owners treat their pets as part of the family, and spend huge sums of money on pet food, toys and health care products. However, the lack of regulatory laws for the pet product market has leaded to various food safety hazards.

We are honoured to participate in the launching ceremony of the “Quality Pet Protection (QPP) ” programme initiated by the IBH Pet Industry Development Standing Committee, in conjunction with the industry and the world’s authoritative third-party independent testing company SGS, to jointly formulate safety standards for the pet market.

It’s great to see industry leaders work together toward the goal of formulating quality and safety standards for pet products and services.

Pet Space fully supports the implementation of quality assurance programs for pet food  and services. We believe this can help consumers make the most suitable purchase decisions when facing a crowded market.

Pet Space x SGS Product & Service Quality Excellence