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The Pet Space Central Vet Surgery is a full service animal hospital in Singapore, we are available for both emergency vet appointments and routine services.

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Easy online booking for your pet’s next vet appointment at Pet Space Central Vet Surgery of Singapore. Save time and book online anytime.

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Medical Education Entertainment

Pet Space Singapore is a leading healthcare provider that blends advanced surgical and medical technologies with meticulous customer service, to deliver exceptional care for your furry companions.

“Medutainment” is the ethos at the heart of our brand, underscoring our holistic approach to supporting the needs of pets and pet owners with a suite of services spanning surgical and medical care, education and entertainment, along with our steadfast commitment to the best standards of hospitality. Our Rubik’s Cube-inspired logo embodies our dedication to taking care of your furry companions’ needs across different facets of life, for all-rounded wellbeing.

Emergency Vets Services

Our out-of-hour on-call vets ensure your pet can access the best urgent care 24/7. Our veterinarians and staff are fully trained on immediate care and stabilisation.

Veterinary Team

Veterinary Team

Our amazing team is make up of board-certified veterinarians, together with our experienced veterinary nurses, providing the best veterinary care for the local community.

12 Animal Clinics & Hospitals in APAC

12 Animal Clinics & Hospitals in APAC

The Pet Space Group is a forward-thinking veterinary group who offers professional primary care for animals in Hong Kong and Singapore. We have 12 veterinary clinics in the APAC region.

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Licensed Vets

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Our Services

Veterinary care, tailored to your pet

We offer unrivalled expertise and look after every single pet as if it were our own.

Senior Care

Senior Care

Senior pets are more prone to certain age-related conditions, such as kidney, heart, joints and liver diseases. It is important to setup routine check-ups to detect health issues in the early stages when they are easier to treat.

Dental Care

Dental Care

Our veterinary dentistry services include cleaning, extraction, and all other aspects of oral health care. We suggest a regular dental check-up every 6-12 months to check for early signs of a problem and to keep your pet's mouth healthy.

At Pet Space, we are committed to provide convenient, caring and high-quality veterinary services to pet owners and furry companions in APAC. We offer a range of services, from general veterinary consultations to surgery and diagnostics. 

Hospitalisation Service

Pet Space Central Vet Surgery offers full hospitalisation service in Singapore. Offering the prompt peace of mind you need when your pet is ill or injured.

Veterinary Surgery

Veterinary Surgery

We offer a number of surgical procedures for dogs and cats, such as bone and joint surgeries, cruciate ligament repairs, soft tissue surgeries, spay & neuter, dental extractions, and other routine surgeries.

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dental health

Dental Health

Dental health is a very important part of your pet’s overall health, and dental problems can cause, or be caused by, other health problems. Bacteria from the mouth can enter the bloodstream in a diseased mouth and cause many problems in the rest of the body.

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Scoop On Poop

Here’s the scoop on poop!

Poop is often not everyone’s favourite topic to think or talk about, but do you know it can provide a tremendous amount of information about your pet’s overall health and digestive system?

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We pride ourselves on being a supportive,
caring and reassuring team for pets and their owners,
and a trusted partner for your four-legged companion.